The large quantity of issued patents, the number of which already exceeds 30 million (with a yearly average growth rate of over one million), is the main obstacle to be overcome in order to efficiently process patent documents and to use the technological content therein. We are aware that having current information might be of great importance for a company and, therefore, we offer searches encompassing the field of patents, industrial designs and trade marks, as well as the delivery of the resultant documents. The search is done, at the latest, the day after receipt of your order and the documents are dispatched within two (2) working days, depending on the needs of the consignee and the availability of the document ordered.

Types of Searches

Generaly speaking, the searches could be classified into the following groups:

1. Prior Art searches

2. Novelty searches

3. Patentability searches

4. Name searches

5. Name searches

6. Infringement searches

7. Patent Family searches

8. Patent Family searches

Besides these typical types of searches, there are also other searches with specific goals, eg statistical analysis of the patent documents classified within certain subclasses, groups and subgroups of the International Patent Classification.

Furthermore, it must be stressed that in order to evaluate the results of a Novelty, Inventive Step, or Infringement search, one has to have the entire respective document and not only an abstract as is usual with such databases.