The firm Inventio d.o.o. is present in the field of IP since 1990.

In October 2013 we have affiliated the IP Law firm PATware d.o.o with many years of experince in IP area.

We have pleasure in informing you that Patent Attorney office PATware d.o.o. has been affiliated in the firm INVENTIO d.o.o. by October 1, 2013. All your cases entrusted to PATware d.o.o. will be adopted by INVENTIO d.o.o. and will be continuously taken care by Mr. Janez Kraljič.

Rest assured that our team of experts will give you high quality services of representation and consulting in all areas of IP in Slovenia, before European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), World intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), European Patent Office (EPO) and other countries of your choice.

All you need is idea, invention, … the rest is our concern.

We look forward to answer your questions and to meet you in person.